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These Terms and Conditions apply to our Calendar range.

1.As our orders are in the main, taken through the internet, SIGNATURES ARE NOT RECEIVED AS PROOF OF ORDER.

2.All orders done through the internet will receive a confirmation email which will be sent to you the client and to us the Administrator. Your order is considered active once you reply and confirm, and will be subject to our cancellation fee.

3.When you order over the phone, your order is considered active once we confirm all of your details at the time of taking your order. We will request an email address so that a confirmation order form can be emailed to you through our online ordering system. If you do not have an email address, we recommend that you set one up through a provider such as or Onus of responsibility for reading and understanding our terms and conditions, lies with you, our customer. We expect you to understand our terms of trade, in particular, our cancellation policy. When you order we expect that you have the authority and your business will be held responsible for payment of the calendars ordered. Once we have a verbal order from you, you are subject to our cancellation fee.

4.Any Cancellations must be made IN WRITING, even if the order was taken over the phone. All cancellations will incur a MINIMUM $100.00 administration fee, however, may be subject to more dependent on the amount of work undertaken on the order at the time.

5.A First Proof and Revised Proof will be issued free of charge for each overprint. Errors made by East Coast Calendar Productions will be corrected free of charge, but further client errors and changes will attract a designers' fee based on the work involved. Any additions or changes to artwork once approved will be charged at $70/hr

6.Statements are NOT issued. We ask that you respect our terms for payment, as we respect your need for us to deliver on time.

7.Late changes can be made at certain stages of the production cycle, prior to final printing, but these will also attract a designer's fee for corrections. Please call us to discuss any last minute changes you may have. 

8.We cannot be responsible for the quality or copyright of logos provided to us. If improvements need to made a minimum fee of $55 wil be charged.


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Finally...A calendar company based right your local area. That not only knows what you want...But can give you a whole lot More!!! 

Specialising in "Word Pictures"
A picture speaks 1000 words

The 3 Major Components of a Calendar

Calendars can be Broken up into 3 Major Components.
1: The Picture.
2: The Business Details/Logo
3: The Calendar Component.

The first thing you see/remember when looking at a calendar is the Picture.

The 2nd would be the Business Details/Logo.

The Calendar Component is what makes the Product useful. It's there for when we need it.

It's not gloss paper. No..It's not. But when you look at a Calendar. What's REALLY Important?
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