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Customer Service Standards
We are confident that we have created a calendar company where everyone involved wins, by developing and delivering the best possible service. A number of Customer Service Standards have been designed to ensure the satisfaction of all of our customers.

The Standards are a commitment of what you can expect from us in the normal course of business. 

This means that at all times, we will:

•Treat you courteously and respectfully, as we ourselves would wish to be treated.
•Aim to exceed your expectations.
•Act on our commitments as quickly as possible.
•Understand your real needs by listening to what you have to say.
•Evaluate our service, by asking you the customer.
•Turn your complaints into compliments.

In our dealings with you, we will:

•Make ourselves easily available to you.
•Answer all telephone calls quickly.
•Always be genuinely friendly and courteous.
•Take the time necessary to serve you to your satisfaction.
•Listen carefully and identify your needs by asking questions and confirming details.
•Deal promptly and efficiently so as not to waste your time, but not rush you.
•Always use plain understandable language.
•Always follow up on your requests, same day if possible.
•Always return your call within 4 hours.
•When handling your complaint, listen, apologise, express concern, make amends and record the event.
•Allow you to participate in our business by involving you in decisions relating to new ideas, modifying existing products or improving our services to you.

Internally we will:

•Uphold our customer satisfaction guarantees, ie deliver perfectly on time, every time.
•Exemplify the highest standards of integrity and ethical behaviour.
•Listen to, learn from and partner with our customers.
•Work closely with our clients to achieve the best results possible.


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Finally...A calendar company based right your local area. That not only knows what you want...But can give you a whole lot More!!! 

Specialising in "Word Pictures"
A picture speaks 1000 words

The 3 Major Components of a Calendar

Calendars can be Broken up into 3 Major Components.
1: The Picture.
2: The Business Details/Logo
3: The Calendar Component.

The first thing you see/remember when looking at a calendar is the Picture.

The 2nd would be the Business Details/Logo.

The Calendar Component is what makes the Product useful. It's there for when we need it.

It's not gloss paper. No..It's not. But when you look at a Calendar. What's REALLY Important?
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