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Payment Details:
•A confirmation and booking form will be sent to the you prior to start date.
•Photo Shoot to be paid for on the day of the shoot.
•Full Payment to be made on confirmation of the photos selected for the calendar and artwork.
•Models to be paid directly by the client on the day of the photo shoot.

Payment can be made by:
•Personal or Business Cheque.
•Direct Credit into our Bank Account. Please call us for our banking details, or refer to your confirmation and booking form.


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Finally...A calendar company based right your local area. That not only knows what you want...But can give you a whole lot More!!! 

Specialising in "Word Pictures"
A picture speaks 1000 words

The 3 Major Components of a Calendar

Calendars can be Broken up into 3 Major Components.
1: The Picture.
2: The Business Details/Logo
3: The Calendar Component.

The first thing you see/remember when looking at a calendar is the Picture.

The 2nd would be the Business Details/Logo.

The Calendar Component is what makes the Product useful. It's there for when we need it.

It's not gloss paper. No..It's not. But when you look at a Calendar. What's REALLY Important?
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