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Model Calendars
A Great way to Market and Promote Yourself!

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Models! Calendars are a great way to Market and Promote Yourself. A Guaranteed way to get Potential Clients to Remember you. And we have an easy and low cost method to assist you! We will also give you the tools to Market and Sell your Calendars through the Australian Swimsuit Edition and East Coast Custom Calendar Productions Website.

You can also sell space on your Calendars. Allowing you to make some extra money on the side!

We have several types and styles of Calendars available. Depending on your needs and requirements. From Digital Print - Basic. A quick no frills calendar. Digital Print - Quality. An up market look, feel and quality. A3, A4, A5 Wall Calendars. Plus 2 styles of CD Desk Calendars. Contact us today for more information and a free quote.

The following is a price guide based on our small print run Digital Print - Basic Calendars.
If you are after a more Commercially Saleable Calendar, and larger Print Numbers. Our Digital Print - Quality Calendar would be your best Option.

Digital Print - Basic. 160 gsm Digi Colour Laser Paper

Style - Pages/Leaves Package includes Photo Shoot, 1 Calendar, and Images on Disk
A3 12 Month Poster Calendar
3 Hour Photo Shoot on Location.
A3 6 Page Calendar
3 to 5 Hour Photo Shoot on Location.
2 Months per Page.
160 gsm Digi Colour Laser Paper.
Wire Bound with Calendar Hanger
A3 12 Page Calendar
Full Day Photo Shoot on Location.
1 Month Per Page.
160 gsm Digi Colour Laser Paper.
Wire Bound with Calendar Hanger

Additional Calendars are available. A3 12 Month Poster Calendar $3.50ea. A3 6 Page Calendar $18.85ea. A3 12 Page Calendar $37.15ea.
The Digital Print - Basic Calendars are a quick, no fuss but effective way to test the market or have your own calendar without high costs or having to print 100's plus at a time. With the Digital Print - Basic Calendar. You can Print 1 or as many as you want. When you need them.
Obviously its easier and quicker to shoot 6 images, compared to 12 images for a calendar. 

Prices are based on the Calendar Shoots taking place in the Coffs Harbour Area. Travel Costs will apply for outside of the Area. 

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Calendars are a great way to promote your business or company.
Put your company's name, logo, customised photo , business and web address and phone number
on your customer's wall 365 days a year.
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