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Mission Statement
To build positive, long-term relationships with our customers. These relationships will be built on understanding, accuracy and integrity. We will strive to build a reputation for quality service to our clients and their customers.

Our Vision is to build a nationwide calendar company where everyone involved wins.

Our core values are embodied in how we do business and how we interact with our clients, customers and suppliers. Shared vision and shared values will enable us to effectively carry out our mission.

We will:
1.Treat each other with respect and courtesy
2.Create an environment free of prejudice and discrimination
3.Practice common sense
4.Provide quality service to our customers
5.Listen to, learn from and partner with our customers and suppliers
6.Work closely with our clients and suppliers to achieve the best results possible
7.Exemplify the highest standards of integrity and ethical behaviour


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Finally...A calendar company based right your local area. That not only knows what you want...But can give you a whole lot More!!! 

Specialising in "Word Pictures"
A picture speaks 1000 words

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