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Business Calendars

Warning! - Our Custom Calendars may not be suitable for your Business.

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Custom Calendars are not suitable for every business. The key to our Custom Calendars is the Photography.
We need to match up a photo or photos that will depict, promote or relate to your Business, Product or Service by using Photography, Concepts, Themes and in some cases, Models. Resulting in Unique, one of a kind, Limited Edition Calendars.

If this can not be achieved. Our Stock Images or Stock Calendars are another Option.

Please Note: We have endeavoured to keep our photography rates as low as possible. To try and make calendars accessible and affordable to everyone. No matter what size business you own.

Website updates in Progress over the next week. 

As there are so many variables and options. We are happy to do up a quote for you based on your specific needs and choice of options.

Please Contact us
for a Free Quote


Stock Photos - We can provide you with Stock Photos as a cheaper alternative to shooting your product. We have a range of Landscape, Animals, Birds, Auto, Swimsuit and Glamour Images.
Models -
We can provide you with Models that can be photographed with your product, Business or Service. See the "Adding a Model" Page for Prices.
Additional Calendars - Digital Print Basic: You can purchase additional Calendars at any stage. Any Number.
Digital Print Quality: You can purchase additional Calendars at any stage. In blocks of 50 or more.

Clients will be provided with a copy of all Images taken. These images can be used by the client for marketing, advertising, point of sale etc. Some conditions do apply.

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