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Adding a Model to your Calendar. Info, Prices.
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Adding a Model to your Calendar
Why not consider adding a Model to your Calendar. Models can give your Calendar a Glamorous, Personal or even a Sexy Edge. Models can also help your Calendar Images to "tell their story" 

We currently have several models available for Calendar Work. And we are constantly Advertising for more models. New Models will be added to the Model Gallery as they are Confirmed and Photographed.

Even before the Official Launch of the Business. We have already had 2 Calendar Clients requesting Nude Models. Nude Models are harder to come by Locally. Due to the "someone might know or see me" Factor.

We are currently working on sourcing Nude Models from outside of the Coffs Harbour Area. Obviously travel and accommodation will be a factor if we need to bring models in from out of town.

Password Protected Model Galleries

Our Model Galleries are Password Protected. Clients are asked to contact us if they are looking for Models for their Calendars. A User Name and Password will be supplied on Application. This area is Password Protected as this is not a "Girlie Pic Site". There are thousands of places on the internet for people to look at and collect Pics. So, we don't feel its necessary to have an "Open to the Public" Model Gallery Area.

Our Model Rates have been sourced by doing a comparison within the Modelling Industry. These rates have been averaged out to try and make it an affordable addition or option for the client. Models are however, given the opportunity to set their own rates. The following is a guideline as to the rates we have set. These prices may differ. Depending on the Model/s that you choose.

Model Rates - Charged at time and a half for the 1st hour + Per hour for additional hours

1st Hour

Additional Hours

Swimwear $52.50 for the 1st hour. $35 per additional hour $52.50 $35
Sheer. Price depends on the model and the level of sheerness that she is comfortable with. $60 to $75 $40 to $50
Lingerie. Price depends on the model and the level of sheerness that she is comfortable with. $60 to $75 $40 to $50
Implied Topless. Price depends on the model and the level of implied that she is comfortable with. $60 to $75 $40 to $50
Topless. $105 $70
Artistic Nude. $150 $100
We do prefer to quote for calendar assignments that require a model or models - Model Time will depend on size of calendar, location changes etc. Obviously getting 1 shot for a 1 page + Date Pad Calendar, is a lot easier than a 12 page calendar requiring 12 different pics.

As we are not a Model Agency. All Payments regarding Models used in Calendars are to made direct to the model.
Payment Must be made on confirmation of the job and selection of the model/s. And On the Day Of or Prior to Shooting.

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